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Frankfort Township Assessor

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Phone (815) 464-3180
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A Message from the Assessor
Frankfort, IL  08/03/15

Greetings and warmest wishes to all.  As the calendar turns from July to August and brings the heat of the famous 'Dog Days' of Summer, it also marks the end of another assessment cycle.  By this time tomorrow, every property owner in Frankfort Township will have received an assessment change notice as mandated by the fact that 2015 is a quadrennial assessment year.  This means that every four years, assessment officials throughout the state are required to review every property in their jurisdiction and value all equitably and with regard to valuations indicated by the three previous year's sales.

During these past several years every homeowner in America has been a passenger on what can only be described as a 'Wild Ride' in the housing and other Real Estate markets.  Even though the past two years have seen a moderate return to value and normalization, changes in legislation requiring  assessing officers and the Illinois Department of Revenue to utilize foreclosures and other distressed sales have created an environment wherein Will County was required by Springfield to increase assessments equally across the township by 0.7%.  This so-called 'Equalization Factor' is applied every year in an attempt to square assessed values with verified sales and in most recent years was a negative factor resulting in an overall reduction in Township values.

In keeping with my Prime Directive of providing uniform, equitable and fair assessments my office and I conducted a thorough review and concluded that property assessments were high enough in 2015 (and in fact after issuing a great many reductions); and chose to turn in the books by deliberately choosing to not increase assessments as much as Springfield would have it.  As such, an equalization factor was applied throughout the township and very likely accounts for the modest increase on your assessment.

In closing, there is one additional and important point I would like to make.  Since all homeowners in the Township saw their assessments go up by the same amount this has absolutely no bearing on your tax bill in any way.  Taxes are a function of funds levied by each taxing authority (eg. Schools, Fire Protection, Library etc..) vs the Equalized Assessed Value of the township.  Since all properties went up the same amount this will have no effect on your tax bill due next May.

Despite all of our best efforts, there will always be cases where property owners find fault with their assessment.  In any and all cases, we welcome and encourage homeowners to exercise their Due Process and file a formal appeal.  Given that the deadline for filing an appeal with the Will County Board of Review falls on 09/04/2015 and is fast approaching, I would advise all those wishing to contact this office seeking a revised assessment first fill out the paperwork for a formal appeal.  Once the paperwork is filled out and a case is made concerning your assessment I will be happy to meet with you to discuss your assessment.  The reason I strongly advise all homeowners to first complete the appeal form is to ensure that your concerns are addressed and that the deadline for filing an appeal is not missed.

As always, continuing to serve the people of Frankfort Township is my extreme pleasure.  Please do not hesitate to contact my office at 815-464-3180 if there is anything we can do to assist. 

Best Regards,

Joseph N. Kral

Fair and Impartial Assessments, Providing Equality for All